LETTER: After Blair’s immigration policy we still need infrastructure


In 1997 Tony Blair’s Government went full speed ahead with promoting cultural and social diversity in Britain.

However, no-one realised the numbers of migrants this would attract, so no provision was made for infrastructure such as roads, schools and hospitals and particularly housing.

Citizens blamed their neighbours the immigrants.

That attitude was reinforced by populist and Eurosceptic parties.

Seventeen years of problems later, finally the Government has approved the Quadrant and the local plan seems to spell more housing and infrastructure around Boston.

The problem was always that growth should have been planned sustainably.

Now there is a new argument. Bostonians seem to want the town to stay small.

But that would mean that the much-needed infrastructure would be diverted away to more populated areas – and not just in the public sector.

Businesses such as large retail chains also plan on the basis of local population.

Greens want to save the planet but what is destroying the planet is the high level of consumption of energy and resources per capita, not the sustainable building of infrastructure.

Populist Eurosceptic groups giving citizens of Boston a reason to hate their neighbours are also missing the point entirely.

UKIP are claiming to be a reasonable party, sticking up for working people in their local manifestos while in the European Parliament they are in a group with the Sweden Democrats - a far right


Lord Correia

Ex-chairman of Boston and Skegness Liberal Democrats