Behind the scenes at Stump recovery

Pics of the Stump and Blenkin Memorial Hall, showing ongoing work to repair the flood damage.

Pics of the Stump and Blenkin Memorial Hall, showing ongoing work to repair the flood damage.

Boston Stump is facing up to hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage after the iconic venue was devastated by the recent floods.

It is hoped that St Botolph’s Church’s shop and tower will be dried and repaired and the electrics will be fixed by Easter, meaning the landmark can start taking regular visitors again.

Director of operations Mike Bartlett said: “We’re hoping to get the shops open by Easter.

“There’s hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage.”

On the night of December 5, flood waters reached 52 centimetres high inside the Stump.Much of the St Botolph’s Church’s lower levels were affected as a result and the shops and café which were opened by Princess Anne in 2012, have had to be rebuilt.

It is believed the cafe may take a little longer to open due to the damage under the floor.

The Shop and office areas are partly being rebuilt at lower levels. The Café is having part of the floor and all the electrics replaced. All timber in these areas are being treated to prevent further mould in the future.

With regards to the flood damage, the church are covered by insurance for the repair costs.

The Stump’s architect is commissioning various investigation reports into the church and the Hall. Some of these reports are also now revealing longer-term damage. However, the church are waiting for the architect to advise them further.

The Stump tower is currently closed to visitors due to problems with the power with a temporary power distribution system being used.

Only the central pews are being used for services, which are still being held, while temporary loudspeakers have been put up to enable this.

The other pews are being investigated to see whether the 150-year-old floorboards holding them need to be replaced or treated for rot, while the toilets will also have to be refitted because of damage to the plasterboard walls.

The boiler house is also affected by regular water damage.

Across the road, Blenkin Memorial Hall, which is owned by the Stump and used as a parish office and meeting hall, has had to have it’s kitchen, toilets and the entire main hall floor ripped up.

Despite that, investigations are still ongoing throughout the Stump and memorial hall to assess the full extent of the damage done.




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