Council apologises for email blunder



The council has apologised to almost 600 people after inadvertently revealing their email addressess – many of which were personal accounts.

The blunder came as the authority made a big play of launching a Daily Bulletin – a shoot off from its current Monthly Bulletin – offering news from the borough.

However, in trying to deliver it to everyone’s inbox at 6am prompt there was an error. And in trying to address this problem the communications team messaged everyone on the mailing list - revealing personal details in the process.

This prompted a number of complaints, with one letter writer saying: “I received an email this morning in relation to the above subject and which has been sent to 598 recipients in all whose email addresses have been revealed to everyone else on the list. I cannot believe they have done this, obviously accidentally, but surely you check your recipient, address etc. when you send a message especially a work related message such as this?”

Upon realising an error had been made, the council apologised to all affected.

The authority also issued the following statement: “An honest and genuine mistake was made for which we have apologised to all affected. Staff in the communications department at the borough council have received a written reminder of protocol to be observed when dealing with public email addresses. The email was intended for the recipients who received it and contained no confidential information.”




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