Elderly man confronted by ‘nauseating’ dog attack as he rushed to the aid of mum and son

Chihuahua Beau, Roman Porter (6) and Sarah Porter with Barry Clayton

Chihuahua Beau, Roman Porter (6) and Sarah Porter with Barry Clayton

An elderly man injured while trying to help a mother during a vicious dog attack has spoken of the ‘nauseating’ sight that confronted him.

The Standard tracked down modest Barry Clayton at his home in Margaret Drive, Boston, where he is recovering following last week’s attack.

Mr Clayton rushed to the aid of Sarah Porter and her six-year-old son, as she tried in vain to protect her chihuahua Beau from another dog.

The incident took place on Monday, June 2, at 3.20pm as parents were collecting their children from the four nearby schools.

“I was gardening at the time and I heard this screaming and was concerned what was going on as it was school time,” said Mr Clayton, 80.

“I came out the front and there was this dog going like hell at this poor girl and her little dog.

“She was trying to hold the dog up as high as she could, but the damn thing kept jumping up and grabbing her dog. It just kept pulling at it, I’m surprised it didn’t rip it apart.

“It was a nauseating experience, and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. I’m surprised none of the children ended up being caught by the dog too.”

Mr Clayton said he tried to protect Beau from the dog but was knocked to the floor, injuring his arm and face. He also received bites to his hand.

“I couldn’t remember much after that,” he added.

Miss Porter, who was also with a friend’s child at the time, said she was ‘terrified’ the dog would turn on the children. She received lacerations on her back in the attack.

The other men who also came to her aid, are thought to be Mr Clayton’s Lithuanian neighbours. Their names are not known.

Miss Porter said she was so grateful to Mr Clayton and the other two men for what they did. Mr Clayton added: “I don’t want any praise, I just did what anybody would do.”

Chihuahua Beau is recovering from her injuries. The other dog, thought to be a Staffordshire bull terrier, was destroyed at the owner’s request .




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