FLOOD: It’s safe to go home...but be careful

Flood sign

Flood sign

Boston residents who evacuated their homes are now safe to return...but are being warned of the dangers of the water and power supplies.

People who left their properties last night as a result of the ‘unprecedented’ flooding are returning steadily as the cleanup and recoery operation gets into full swing.

Public Health England East Midlands and Lincolnshire County Council have issued advice to residents, urging them to stay out of the flood water to avoid risking their health.

Residents are asked to make contact with a uniformed officer on their street before they re-enter and to check with gas or electricity suppliers if they are concerned about switching their services back on.

People are advised not to enter, or allow pets or children to enter, flood waters which could be contaminated or contain hidden hazards such as displaced manhole covers, and general debris.

If people have any concerns, please contact the county council’s customer service centre on 01522 782 189.




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