Ideas put forward for Boston’s £1 million

Boston Big Local meeting at Black Sluice Cottage, Boston.

Boston Big Local meeting at Black Sluice Cottage, Boston.

A bypass, a big screen for the town centre and free wifi are just some of the suggestions put forward for how Boston’s £1 million could be spent.

Since The Standard’s article on January 22, people have been posting, commenting, emailing and tweeting ideas to the paper.

Big Boston Local facilitator Rachel Lauberts said she was happy with the response.

She said: “They’re all 
good ideas and we will be taking them on to our next meetings.”

She said the group were putting together a ‘profile’ of the town before they took on a couple of ‘test projects’.

However, she was keen to stress that the money did have limits on its usage – for example, it cannot be spent on services provided by statutory bodies (Boston Borough or Lincolnshire County Council), religious organisations or uniformed services.

This meant that a bypass, which a number of people had suggested, was ruled out because it would be under the jurisdiction of Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department.

However, she said they would be passing suggestions, which reflected these limits, onto the relevant departments.

Rachel said that if the money was to be spent on a ‘Party in the Park’ careful consideration would need to be given to the cost.

For example, if it cost £200,000 for one event that would be a total of only five events in 10 years and then nothing because the money would be gone, unless they charged entry fees and/or for refreshments.

She said the group would look to invest at least some of the money in sustainable projects to generate an income, which could mean more money to go around in the long run.

Suggestions of getting stores like Toys R Us, Burger King and Primark to come to the town could work if the money was spent on improving the economy of the town first, she said.

“If we work on the local economy, we might attract businesses in. If we can help improve it Boston could be a thriving centre,” she said.

She added this tied in with helping to make the town more attractive, something else the group were ‘looking at very, very seriously’.

To submit your suggestion, contact The Standard, or The Big Boston Local Facebook and Twitter accounts.




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