LETTER: Well done to council for immigration report

Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston

Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston

To all at Boston Borough Council: I am an immigrant, UK national living in Barcelona for the past three years with an aim to reside here in Spain for many more years.

After seeing the Question Time clip with Mary Beard, I read the report ‘Social Impact of Population Change’ and would just like to say it was a breath of fresh air to read an in-depth report like this; easy to read, covering many different areas and consulting with many different agencies, local media, community members and governmental departments.

It is so important to be able to read reports such as this in order to gain a balanced and accurate idea of issues which are otherwise so murkily presented in the media.

More often than not, a majority of people are exposed to ‘facts’ which are no more than logical fallacies.

Your report is a great piece of work whereby you have taken on board the concerns that the local community feel and have followed it up with a thorough investigation into all areas these concerns address.

The investigation and findings are presented logically which contrast markedly to the Q&A section of the report with the local MP.

Here you could clearly see the fallacies used by some members of the community to try to win an argument, rather than trying to find the truth. I also thought you proposed many good ideas that should have a positive impact on the town, especially ideas such as the promotion of agriculture as a real career choice for young people, alongside helping local eastern european shops to encourage everyone from the town to buy produce from them, not just immigrants.

Keep on myth busting!

Reports like this all help!

All the best, I may well visit Boston as a lot of my family live nearby in Bourne!

Beth Walker





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