New name for former UKIP group



The group of councillors who split away from UKIP after the party placed them under suspension will now be known as the ‘Independence from Europe Group’.

The councillors feel they have had a lack of respect from party bosses and had hoped to be re-instated after believing they had proved they had not formed a new party.

Five county councillors – including Boston’s Bob McAuley and Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright – were part of the ‘breakaway’ group which followed Coun Chris Pain when he was removed as county leader by UKIP bosses.

The members have chosen the name after consulting the county council.

Coun Bob McAuley said UKIP’s councillors do not have to follow a party whip so leaving the party should not change how the group votes and acts at the council.

He says he understands the views of any voters frustrated with their councillors no longer being in UKIP but stressed: “We haven’t abandoned them or their principles, if anything it is our principles that has got us into this mess.”

He also added that standing down and causing an election would cause expense for the taxpayer.




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