Pupils’ emotional film on pressures to live up to unrealistic body images

A still from the pupils' film on body image.

A still from the pupils' film on body image.

Pupils at Thomas Cowley High School in Donington have made a film about body image and how images in the media affect their self-esteem and health.

The video, featuring the creative writing of 12 students, was made as part of the school’s ongoing topic on mental wellbeing. It was submitted to the national ‘Lend Me Your Literacy’ website where it has received positive feedback. Comments include: “Teenagers everywhere should watch this”, while another wrote: “I was blown away by this. I will be showing my own teens and others I work with.”
The school’s head Mr Taylor commented: “I am so proud to be your head teacher.”

Mary Meredith, the school’s co-ordinator of the film project said: “The idea of this was to show that there is something we can do about the toxic, body-shaming culture we live in. We can raise each other’s body confidence simply through the language we use – by remarking on what we like about each other, not what we don’t like. The words of peers stay with us for years so we need to reflect on that and choose them carefully.”




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