VIDEO: Ashley ships in to town

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A Boston sailor came home in style this weekend when, as part of his Easter deployment his ship docked in the town’s port.

Chief Petty Officer Ashley Coates, who grew up and still has family in Boston, and his commanding officer Lt Amie Jackson docked their ship, the HMS Blazer in Boston at 9am on Saturday and noon on Sunday.

The P2000 Archer-Class Universities Royal Navy Unit ship attached to Southampton and Portsmouth, and her four-week Easter voyage will take her and a number of students to 20 separate ports around England’s east coast.

Ashley’s daughters, Holly and Jasmine, an wife Sarah greeted the 36-year-old former William Lovell School student who joined the Royal Navy in 1994. This was the first time in a number of years that Ashley had visited Boston on one of my ships.




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