VIDEO: Don’t forget about the right-turn ban on Boston’s South End

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A ban on turning right from South End in Boston is now in place in a bid to improve traffic flow in the town.

Previously traffic travelling north off the road could turn left or right to enter the A16 on reaching the traffic light-controlled junction at John Adams Way.

Lincolnshire County Council says traffic modelling suggests stopping traffic turning right from South End to John Adams Way will help to improve traffic flows on the A16 and from Haven Bridge to South End.

After six months, the county council will carry out a further consultation with the local community to consider whether the ban is made permanent or


The alternative route for traffic will be to turn left from South End, proceed to the Liquorpond Street roundabout and turn to proceed on the A16 towards Skegness and Grimsby.

The right-turn ban came into place yesterday (Thursday).




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