VIDEO: ‘I have to move my car several times a day so I don’t get a ticket for parking outside my home’

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A stay-at-home dad is being driven round the bend by rules that mean he has to move his car up to four times a day to avoid being ticketed.

When writer Tim Atkinson, of Thorold Street, Boston, sees a ‘Civil Enforcement Officer’ on his street he has two hours before he has to bundle his children up, get them into the car, move it somewhere out the way, then wait an hour before reparking outside his home.

He grew so frustrated with the rigmarole, especially during the cold weather, that he uploaded a video to YouTube highlighting his plight.

Cips from the video can be seen in our video interview above.

He said: “I’m so frustrated that it’s taken so long for the council to do anything about it and they are still dragging their heels.

“It seems crazy to have to move our car and add to the congestion every few hours.”

Mr Atkinson, his neighbours and residents on other town centre roads have been pushing for residents parking permits for more than 10 years - with several petitions being handed to the council.

And they have found that since Lincolnshire County Council took over parking laws have been more rigorously enforced.

Coun Derek Richmond said the authority had been waiting for responsibility for parking to pass from police to the county council before they could discuss permits.

The issue will be on the council’s agenda this summer.

Coun Mike Gilbert said he had the same issue on Tower Street.

He said: “Residents have been allowed to slide for a few years with little to no enforcement and people have got used to parking how they want, including myself.”

Portfolio holder for parking and the town centre Coun Derek Richmond said a report on the topic was due to go before the environment and performance overview and scrutiny committee on June 19.

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