Mini-moto riders warned to heed the law

RIDERS of mini-motos and off-road quad bikes are being warned to use their small vehicles responsibly, following a number of complaints from people in the Fenside area.

Boston’s Urban West Neighbourhood Policing Team has received a large amount of calls about these bikes being ridden on the estate, by the riverside and in nearby fields, and officers are now stressing that they do have powers at their disposal to deal with issues raised.

PCSO Paul Lote said, “These vehicles are uninsured, untaxed and unregistered and cannot be legally ridden on the public highway nor on private land unless with express permission of the owner. We have a number of powers at our disposal to deal with this form of anti-social behaviour, including the power to seize the vehicles concerned”.

According to legislation, police can seize vehicles which are being used to cause alarm, distress or annoyance if the driver or the vehicle has been the subject of a previous warning in the last 12 months.

To report incidents of anti-social vehicle use, contact Lincolnshire Police on 101.