Mr John Edward Rutt

Obit Rutt
Obit Rutt

JOHN Edward Rutt, of Acorn Close, Freiston, has died suddenly.

He was 82.

Born in Boston, he lived in this area his whole life.

A married man, he is survived by wife Joan, son Kevin and daughter Karen.

During his working life, Mr Rutt was a stevedore on Boston Dock working for Anderson Stevedore.

He retired in 1990.

He enjoyed gardening and watching football.

His funeral was followed by cremation. The service was officiated by the Rev Alison Ashton.

Chief family mourners were: Joan Rutt (wife), Kevin Rutt (son), Karen Rutt (daughter), Rebecca Butterfield (granddaughter), Wendy Rutt (daughter-in-law), Robert Christian (son-in-law), Jonathan Christian, Christopher Rutt and Luke Christian (grandsons), Bob Rutt (brother), Freda Rutt (sister), Daniel Butterfield (granddaughter’s husband), Kylie Christian (grandson’s wife), Tracey Greasley (grandson’s partner) and Porcha Eade (grandson’s partner).

Arrangements by F.E. Addlesee and Son.