Mr Leonard Pickwell (Len)

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LEONARD Pickwell (Len), of Hawthorne Crescent, Old Leake, has died in the village following an illness.

He was 85.

Born in Outgate Leverton, he had lived in the area for his entire life.

A married man, he is survived by wife Phyllis, son Paul, brother Brian, sister Mabel, granddaughters Natasha and Charlotte and grandson Duncan.

Mr Pickwell was a farm worker and in his spare time he enjoyed ballroom dancing and gardening.

His funeral took place at Boston Crematorium and was followed by cremation.

The service was officiated by Jenny Hampstead.

Chief family mourners were: Phyllis Pickwell (wife), Paul and Penny Pickwell (son and daughter-in-law), Natasha Felmingham and Charlotte Pickwell (granddaughters), Duncan Pickwell (grandson), Brian Pickwell (brother), Sarah Pickwell, Peter Coupland, Alison Coupland, Roberta Isaac, Rebecca Isaac, Christopher Isaac, Emma Isaac, Isobela Isaac, David Dewsbury, Barry Dewsbury, Josephine Dewsbury, Michael Pace, Richard Pace, Jenifer Ford and David Ford (nieces and nephews), Anne Isaac, Bernard Franks, John and Iris Dewsbury, Jack and Joan Pace, Dennis Franks, Sandra Franks, Albert franks and Janis Franks (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law).

Arrangements by F. E. Addlesee and Son.