Mrs Eileen Evelyn Herrick


EILEEN Evelyn Herrick, of Skirbeck Court Residential Care Home, has died at home following a long illness.

She was 76.

Born in Boston, she lived in this area her whole life.

A single woman she is survived by sons Mr J. Thornton and Mr P. Thornton and daughter Mrs K. Whiley.

During her working life Mrs Herrick was a landworker and housewife.

She enjoyed knitting and embroidery.

Her funeral took place at Boston Crematorium and was followed by cremation. The service was officiated by the Rev Ken Still.

Chief family mourners were: Mr and Mrs J. and Linda Thornton and Mr P. Thornton and Miss Joglesbee (sons and daughters-in-law), Mrs K. and B. Whiley (daughter and son-in-law), Christopher Thornton, Stella Martin, Hazel Martin, Kim Thornton, Abbie Thornton, Paul Thornton, Kelly Brown, Jamie Brown, Patrick Thornton and Gemma Richardson (grandchildren), Mr K. Martin (great-grandson), Paige Martin (great-granddaughter), Mr and Mrs P. Dukes, Mr and Mrs G.H. Dukes, Mr and Mrs G. Dukes, Mr J. Dukes, Mr M. Dukes and Mr R. Dukes (brothers and sisters-in-law) and Miss A. Dukes, Mrs J. Morris, Mrs E. Swain, Mrs K. Findley, Miss A. Findley and Miss B. Dukes (nieces).

Arrangements by F.E. Addlesee and Son.