COLUMN: A little Endeavour can go a long way indeed

Harry Parkhill
Harry Parkhill

Harry Parkhill, of the Telegraph Media Group, writes in praise of Endeavour Radio - which last year won an FM licence...

Back in 2009 two teenagers nervously ‘ermmed’ and ‘ahhed’ their way through an appearance on Endeavour FM for the first time.

Their film review segment may have lasted only a few minutes and was probably, for some, very awkward to listen to. But they were given the chance to prove that, despite their facial fuzz and acne, they could entertain and inform local listeners.

One of those nervous lads was myself, and in that one five minutes of talking I’d taken the first step on the path which would lead me to where I work today (junior writer at Telegraph Media Group).

Most places wouldn’t think twice before dismissing the idea of teens broadcasting on the radio but station manager of Endeavour, Dylan Taylor, nurtured (and still does) enthusiasm wherever he comes across it; whether it was myself determined to become a film journalist or other DJs wanting to commentate on live football or just play the records they love, Dylan channels that enthusiasm into a radio show.

The results are often rough and ready, as my shows always used to be, but they are brimming with the joy and excitement rarely heard on commercial radio stations.

There are too many people in Boston who look down on their town as being a dump or a dead-end. But Dylan’s achievement with the newly-granted FM licence is proof that you can still make a success of yourself in our little town. All it takes is a little Endeavour.