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Sentinel casts his eye over the latest events in and around Boston...

*So it’s 10 years today since Boston suffered a riot in the town centre in the aftermath to England’s Euro 2004 defeat to France. At the time it was said that this should ‘never happen again’ and, thankfully, it hasn’t in the decade that followed. Anyone involved - be it police, council or others - deserve praise for their efforts in ensuring that has been the case. There are those who are ‘fed up with this being brought up’ - principally by those from afar whose impression of the town was tarred by June 13 2004. So is it really worth mentioning now? Well, it was certainly one of the biggest - and worst - episodes in the town’s recent history. History, whether it be recent or ancient, is all about recalling the past but also taking and learning its lessons. It’s certainly not cause to celebrate a dark hour but to forget it would be complacent and wrong. That 2004 hasn’t been repeated has been a big positive, here’s to looking back in another 10 years without any such troubles and a happy World Cup to come.

*Aside from the horrific damage caused, the images of 2004 also show just how much national retail has changed. Photos show Past Times, Threshers, Choices - all names long since gone from our high street.

*Speaking of football - but the positive side of the game - hats off to the Britannia Pub in Church Street for going the ‘whole hog’ with flags galore to get into the World Cup spirit. Sentinel would be all for a few more flags about the place. Even if you don’t like football it’s got to be a nice distraction to show a little bit of national pride. And who knows, we might not last that long anyway...

*The World Cup also gave us the chance to chat to broadcasting legend John Motson. And hats - or should that be sheepskin coats - off to Motty. He’s got enough on his plate, Sentinel’s sure, with the football, but he took time out of his schedule to ring this paper. It’s nice to see a big name not being ‘too big’ to forget his family roots.

*Politics fans may remember how ‘Bus Pass Elvis Party’ campaigner David ‘Lord Biro’ Bishop was considering standing in the Boston and Skegness constituency at the next General Election. The veteran polled just 87 votes in the Newark by-election and Sentinel understands he was considering ‘giving the game up’. However, bizarrely, the intervention of Lembit Opik may have spurred him on to fight the election in Boston. Opik - formerly of romantic links to a Cheeky Girl - goaded Mr Bishop on Twitter. He mockingly called for a leadership election of the Bus Pass Elvis Party, aping the calls for Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg’s position to be under scrutiny. Sentinel understands that that has only served to spur on Mr Bishop - who fancies his chances of beating whoever is served up by the Lib Dems. Be careful what you wish for Lembit. Hell hath no fury like an Elvis-dressing campaigner annoyed...

*Will Labour be fielding former mayor Paul Kenny to take on Mark Simmonds again? Sentinel understands he ‘hasn’t made a decision yet’.

*It seems that Carol Taylor has finished her blog. There’s now just a message awaiting visitors saying: “no more blog.Thank you to my followers. xxxxxxx”. Here’s hoping for another return from Carol, you may not always agree with her but her views are always an interesting read. Mind you, at this rate she’ll be having more comebacks than Sinatra...

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