It is time for the county to listen

THE front page headline last week told us the county council promises ‘You will be heard’.

I presume on this occasion they will actually listen to comments from businesses and shoppers about what they think of the present disruption in the town; if the council do listen, it will be more than they did when they were told we needed a bypass, and when we told them we weren’t fully in favour of the refurbishment.

It’s all well and good saying if we don’t agree to the refurbishment we would lose the money (from Europe). I’m sure we could think of a lot more things we would rather spend the money on, but apparently it’s ‘ring-fenced’ and can’t be used elsewhere. And the fact that by accepting this offer it’s costing local ratepayers and the county council money as well, doesn’t appear to have sunk in!

Local television news this week has informed us Grantham is looked on as a ghost town – any further upheavals in Boston on the scale we have now and we’ll be joining them.

I believe the writer of the letter ‘Add more to list’ used to be a Bypass Independent councillor (or should it be Boston District Independent now?)

The points made are good ones but it begs the question as to why she didn’t raise the same points when she was on the council. The items she lists have not just appeared. For example, cycling in ‘no cycling’ areas and double parking have been in evidence for many years – so why bring these up now?

If you take a walk through the town you will see ‘no cycling’ signs everywhere but nobody seems to take any notice – the signs are on the gates of Central Park (as also are signs intimating it is an ‘alcohol free’ zone) but many cycle through and empty cans are often on view there together with the drinkers.

My tongue in cheek mention last week of a mediaeval bypass plan led to a friend commenting that he was surprised there had been no mention of the plan to put a speedway track on the coast from Freiston Shore to Skegness. Well, friend, I didn’t mention that because it happened to be true – I saw the plan many years ago! It was due to come to fruition before the war but other events in the country put paid to it.