LETTER: It’s now election countdown...and we will fight for Boston



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We are now embarking on the final year before the full elections in Boston in May 2015.

Over the last three years Boston Labour councillors have been and will continue to be, ensuring that the views and the issues of Boston are addressed.

It is now two years since the task and finish group reported. We campaigned for over a year to get this review about population change on the agenda. We now think it is high time that we campaign vigorously for the implementation of as many of the 28 recommendations as possible. We were disappointed that the Conservative group did not support us on one of the key recommendations regarding licensing of houses of multiple occupation.

We are determined that the council becomes the first authority to completely ban street drinking within parts of our town. We need to make sure that the issues that people talk to us on the doorstep are aired. What we don’t need to do is cancel full council meetings or refuse, like most of the councillors have refused, to provide you with an annual report of their activities.

But there is a lot more to do. We will spend the next 12 months arguing for some major policy changes to how the council is run and how services are provided. At the crucial time when we need to be arguing for our town, we see our Conservative group and our representative in parliament out of touch with each other. Our advice to them is simple – fight for our town and don’t just use it as a weekend retreat.

Boston Labour councillors

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