LETTER: Market Place issues can only make things worse for town

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I was in the Market Place today while the new traffic wardens were present. I did feel sorry for car drivers parked outside designated bays, had paid to park and then got a penalty ticket. Drivers are unaware of our inadequately signposted unique system.

Drivers that obstruct the drop kerbs irritate me, Blue Badge Holders that argue that they can park there because of their badge infuriate me.

People are given blue badges because they can’t walk very far but some think that gives them the right to obstruct people that can’t walk at all. The parking in front of crossing points in the Market Place happens ALL day, every day but not every driver realises what they have done as the crossing area blends in so well with its surroundings that they don’t know that it’s there.

The disabled community were told back in the summer that we would have to wait for traffic wardens before the obstructing of crossings would be better controlled.

The speeding cars are frightening all day but very much more so in the evening half light and after dark, which of course happens 365 times a year. We are told that there is a 20mph speed limit but where are the signs?

The council do not want to put down the universally recognised road markings nor is there any highly visible signs to tell shoppers and visitors of Boston’s system which is different to the rest of the county. How can anyone think that a few road markings will ruin the attractive architecture around the edges or make the Market Place look smaller?

The thing that really gets me is that we pay our rates for the council to organise the town to make life easier for us and do things that will enhance our town so that it flourishes.

All I see is that they make life more difficult for us and drive away visitors.

Joe Nash

Boston Disability Forum

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