LETTER: My reply to Nigel Farage on ‘racism’ claim



In my right to reply concerning the accusations made against me by Nigel Farage following Question Time last week in Boston, please find attached my factual response to his allegations.

This internal UKIP posting on the forum from Jonathan Arnott, general secretary of UKIP, reads: “the suspension isn’t anything to do with the ‘racism’ issue... The suspension is on two unrelated matters, both considered extremely serious by the party.” Unquote. Obviously Nigel Farage does not know why I have been expelled.

Firstly, the racist posts were proved never to be on my Facebook site. As you are aware this has been confirmed by the police.

Secondly, the two reasons I was suspended and ultimately expelled from the party was for forwarding an email to a UKIP MEP, who was entitled to the information, about the flawed MEP selection process.

The other reason was for recording a perfectly legal telephone conversation with the chief executive officer of UKIP which raised some serious issues about the MEP selection process and Steve Crowther’s (party chairman) integrity within the party.

I put an official complaint to the NEC on September 2 giving the information about Steve Crowther and I resigned from the NEC on September 3 stating I could not rubber stamp a flawed MEP selection process which did not represent the UKIP members. On Friday, September 6, Steve Crowther suspended me.

The five councillors have a written confirmation from the party secretary that they had done nothing wrong and were of good standing within the party. The action against these five raises further issues within UKIP.

Coun Chris Pain

Via email




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