LETTER: We’ve got £1 million...let’s party!



We’re rich! So, the town has £1 million to spend and now we get to decide where it goes.

I was interested to read through the suggestions already put forward.

I personally think the Lottery money should be spent on projects which would otherwise struggle to get funding.

For example, why should our windfall pay to ‘sort out’ the Market Place - there’s already been plenty of our cash thrown at that project.

Similarly, while I quite like the idea of a bridge over John Adams Way, surely money for this should come from Highways at Lincoln. This money should be used above what we should expect from the authorities.

If in doubt, I don’t think you can go far wrong with a great big party, maybe invite your family and friends, get someone to play a bit of music and hold it in a big open space, like a park. Charge a modest entry fee – making it sustainable – and plan to hold it over, say, the same weekend the following year. Now, there’s an idea!

B. Marshall





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