OBSERVER: Headline said it all about traffic trouble


‘Here we go again!’ Last week’s headline says it all, doesn’t it?

Once more the town is at near gridlock because of road works – true, we’ve been asking long enough for the roads to be repaired and made better but do we really have to have them all done at the same time?

There are reports almost every day of the time people spend in their cars trying to get in – and in most cases, round – the town. It’s a sad indictment of the transport ‘service’ we receive in the town and indeed in the area as a whole. We’re advised to travel by train or bus to relieve traffic but when you look at the prices charged for these services, and their frequency, is it any wonder we decide to use our cars?

But now people are beginning to complain more vigorously than before and there must be several of our ‘servants’ down West Street who will be looking at next year’s borough elections and wondering if they will still be in place in 12 months’ time.

As I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion in the past the county council seem to think it’s a myth that Boston has traffic problems – it must be so, as all their surveys (computer surveys, that is) tell them so. Perhaps we should kidnap all the transport committee, bring them into the town and ask what they are going to do about it? They must know the answer: a bypass.

I refer again to Tony Goor’s recent letter: why has Crowland of all places got two bypasses, why has Spalding been told they are to get another, why has Grantham been told they are to get a bypass to the east to speed traffic to the coast? Does the county council realise that the latter will lead straight to Boston?

It’s all very well our mayor writing to the county and reminding them of the position, but until the council – as a whole – decide to ‘kick up a stink’ nothing will ever be done. I repeat again: until they forget their party allegiance and act for the town we will get nothing.