OBSERVER: Help needed to improve traffic

Our columnist tackles the issue of Boston’s traffic troubles...

A FEW months ago I was talking to a county councillor in Lincoln – not one of our local members – and made a comment to him regarding the apparent lack of interest from the county council regarding the traffic in Boston.

He was more than a little scathing of the complaints coming from the town, making the point that we had little to complain about as ‘the traffic isn’t as bad as you make out’ and ‘all our surveys show it is a myth that Boston needs a bypass’.

He did at least have the good grace to admit that he hadn’t been to the town for some years but was still convinced that because the surveys proved his point he was happy.

It is to be hoped, therefore, that he was listening in to Radio Lincolnshire on Monday morning this week when there were interviews with Boston people about the present traffic problems.

A taxi driver pointed out how much his fuel bill had gone up; although the price had gone up any way, he was critical of the fact that he had to spend so much time queuing in traffic, using fuel and getting nowhere fast. In the process he had to charge his customers more for their journey.

On one occasion, he said, it took him longer to get from one side of the town to the other than it took for him to get to Spalding, and he always had to add a little more time on to his journeys to make sure customers managed to get to the station on time.

A driving instructor explained that she had to allow up to half an hour between lessons to make sure she could get from one pupil to the next; and on occasion much of the lesson was taken up queuing in traffic trying to get to streets where pupils could actually drive.

When will someone, somewhere, realise that the roads round here (and in Lincolnshire generally) are not fit for purpose and that the influx of newcomers has led to more cars on the roads?

We need help and quick – although no doubt we will be told that we can always use the bus or train!