OBSERVER: How many pleasure boats actually use the Haven...and what about the lock gates?


Questions have been raised in the aftermath of the floods of almost three weeks ago.

Prominent has been why it will take an (estimated) six years before the proposed flood barrier will be in place. This subject seems to have been ‘running’ for years but in the meantime let’s hope we don’t have the same situation suffered this month.

We are told that projects like this ‘takes years to complete’. It’s going to cost about £90 million – and by the time it gets round to being built will probably be even more – and the Environment Agency is looking to securing the funding approval ‘as soon as 

In the meantime, if we get any weather similar to that which caused the flood, Boston could be in danger once again.

And once again we get told that one of the reasons for the barrier will be to control water levels to make navigation on Boston’s waterways easier and

I don’t know about you but has anyone actually seen more than the odd boat or two actually using the Haven to get out to the Wash, apart from the fishing smacks of course?

Money was spent on the lock gates at the end of London Road to enable boats to get through into the Forty Foot Drain – anyone seen any boats using it?

Perhaps the money spent there could have gone towards bringing forward the flood barrier!

There were also complaints that the Sluice Bridge gates were not opened to allow water through. I think the problem there – apart from mixing fresh water and salt water – is that once the tide starts coming in it’s impossible to open the gates as they open towards the Haven.

There’s also the fact that if water did get through in any quantity into the Witham it could flood land there.

Finally, I know insurance cover can be costly. As a result of the flooding I can see the insurance companies having a field day when it comes to renewals next year. The saying that ‘if Boston gets flooded, heaven help the rest of the country’ has certainly come back to bite us with a vengeance.

By the way, Merry Christmas to my reader!