OBSERVER: Interesting takes on council democracy...and good to see Glider success

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

It was a little ironic that two letters on a similar subject should happen to be printed next to each other.

I’m referring to the letters last week from Coun Alison Austin and Tom Ashton: Coun Austin first wrote how the present group in power is using that power without any apparent thought for democracy. On too many occasions lately, she implies, democracy has been missing.

Mr Ashton, on the other hand, makes a ‘positive contribution’ to recent comments about the large increase in allowances to councillors and tells us he is ‘proud to be a Conservative’.

I wonder what his views would have been if the boot had been on the other foot and it was Labour, Liberals or Independents in power and they had awarded themselves a similar increase?

No matter which way you look at it, we in Boston appear to be governed by a group of people who have party interests at their forefront and not the interests of the town and surrounding area.

Another story which brought a smile to my face was that concerning the award presented to the borough for councillors’ development. The smile came when I read the third paragraph: “The award recognises the development of its elected members and the continued development ‘to better help them fulfil all their roles’.”

Another smile came with the comment ‘Gone are the days when councillors got elected and just turned up at meetings’. Words do fail me on that one! It was a pity, though, that the assessment team only spoke to councillors and officers; perhaps if they had gone out into the streets and asked ratepayers what they thought there would have been a much different reflection on how we view councillors.

Finally, after several years of closure, the Gliderdrome again opened the Starlight Rooms doors for a Christmas dance and appeared to be a superb success. Whilst ‘socialising’ I heard the comment that at last someone was doing something for the town. Perhaps some of the above should take note; I did see at least a couple of councillors enjoying themselves (not members of the ruling group!).