OBSERVER: It’s time for our councillors to stand up for Boston

COUN Ossy Snell made some important points in his letter last week, not least the fact that the town MIGHT have had a bypass by now if ‘vested interests’ had not had too big a control over some councillors 40 years ago when the issue of a bypass was first raised.

Many shopkeepers were against the proposal because they were afraid they would lose trade if the town was bypassed.

I vividly remember the (literally) pages of reports of the various council meetings in the Standard at that time; some councillors pointed out that if a relief road was agreed, we would never get a bypass. How true their words seem now.

Coun Snell also made a very valid point about our local county councillors; the impression is that they ‘dance’ to the tune set by their masters in Lincoln. Of the seven representing Boston, six are Conservatives and one an Independent.

No fewer than FOUR of the seven actually sit on the highways transport and technology committee. Three of them are Conservatives. It appears from the apparent lack of progress on anything to do with a bypass for the town that they must think there is nothing wrong with our traffic.

Local TV news told us last week that the county council is proposing to give £30 million to a developer in Grantham with a view to a southern bypass being provided for the town, from the A1 to the A52.

The main reason, according to the interviews shown, is because the traffic for the A52 to Skegness and the coast ‘has to go through Grantham, causing traffic holdups’.

It appears that the four local representatives on the committee aren’t aware that Boston is on the A52, and that the traffic to the coast has to go through the town.

But obviously there are no holdups here!

Might it not be that Boston cannot attract business because of the perceived traffic chaos? Perceived, that is, by everyone except the county council – and the borough council, who are not seemingly pressing the matter.