OBSERVER: Lincolnshire news in no man’s land

ANOTHER question for you this week: Do you know where Lincolnshire is regarding news coverage?

The reason I ask is because the BBC apparently can’t work out where our county is.

Their local TV news covers East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and we get items about Yorkshire, Hull, Yorkshire again, and King’s Lynn and Newark (?) occasionally.

Don’t think the latter two are in our fair county for a start so why the coverage?

Our local radio station used to be BBC Radio Lincolnshire, now changed to just BBC Lincolnshire.

Then a year or so ago we gained, for a couple of hours at least, the presenter of the TV Look North programme. Why?

We get enough Yorkshire news on that programme without more of the same on the radio, or is the BBC looking to do away with the Lincolnshire bit and just call us Radio Look North?

A few years ago I e-mailed the BBC with a query regarding the apparent imbalance; the reply I received pointed out that as Hull was the premier city in the region – wonder what Lincoln thinks about that? – obviously there was more coverage for Yorkshire.

You would also think, if they were sufficiently interested, they would be aware of place names in our county, and their pronunciation.

Last week there was an item about fibre optic broadband being installed in Hull. Part of the interview related to the fact rural Lincolnshire was getting government cash towards such a service and showed gardens in ‘Ashby De Launde’ being dug in readiness: someone forgot to tell them about the La obviously. To add insult to injury the female presenter then asked the studio guest if he thought it fair that Lincolnshire should get this type of broadband before Hull!

If you look at local text on BBC1 for our area there is little news about Lincolnshire, but often items relating to areas over 100 miles away from us; on the other hand BBC1 for the East Midlands often shows text news for Lincolnshire, but rarely has Lincolnshire reports on their TV channel.

So, BBC, are we in the East Midlands or are we in - well, where are we?