OBSERVER: Marina idea certainly floats my boat

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

At last there is good news for Boston with the approval of the plan to build a marina on the River Witham.

The summer always brings an influx of pleasure boats and similar to the town, some just staying for a day or so, others going out into the Wash and onwards elsewhere.

Now there will be room for even more boats and it is to be hoped the council will make sure the publicity goes out to those interested, and it should also give an impetus to publicising the town’s tourism potential even more.

The only drawback appears to be the distance from the town centre – unless, of course, someone has the idea of providing a water taxi service to the Sluice Bridge in a similar way to that provided in Spalding. I also query Coun Bedford’s assertion that the marina is ‘within walking distance of the town’; it’s a tidy way to walk, so, just an idea, why not also extend the Into Town bus service in the summer?

I also have to query the thoughts of one councillor that in other areas where marinas have been built ‘property practically doubles in value overnight’. It would be nice to think so (for residents in that area now) but I wouldn’t like to bet on it!

Our council leader obviously thinks it worthwhile: he predicts an economic boost for Boston of £19 million a year! Mind you, that is for the Fens Waterway Link, which I presume includes the work done at the sluice at the bottom end of London Road. It would be interesting to find out how many boats that particular ‘improvement’ has actually attracted since its opening.

His Viewpoint last week also mentioned 0 per cent increase in council tax yet again – my council tax notice arrived last week and it’s certainly a small increase on last year. But, of course, this increase is on the town area precept, mainly because of the transfer of Garfits Lane to the Town Area Committee, which has increased its precept to pay for it.

As I said a few weeks ago: when is a council increase not an increase? Answer: when it’s a Boston Borough Council BTAC increase.