OBSERVER: My hopes for 2013

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

A couple of things for councillors to consider over the Christmas and New Year break – one concerning recent letters and the other about parking enforcement.

A recent letter explained problems blind people may have crossing the Market Place now there are no defined areas for walking and driving. When there was a clear path from H Samuels in front of the Ingram Memorial, the blind had a rough idea of where they were.

Now it’s almost impossible, with cars coming from all directions. Following a recent craft market a trader’s van was parked completely across what used to be the old walkway, causing a serious problem for anyone blind wishing to use that area.

Now, the parking enforcement. When the new system was first announced I’m pretty certain Boston was in line for at least two officers; the 20 officers appointed were apparently to cover the county.

I’m told that the number here now rarely exceeds one! Probably the reason that very little seems to have changed in the Market Place.

As we enter the New Year I have a number of ‘hopes’:

I hope the borough and county councils will get together to sort out the traffic problems which continue to plague us; that the PRSA situation might get sorted soon (as an aside why not offer the running of the venue to the people who use it most – the rugby club and the gym?); that our football teams, United and Town, have a successful season, as success is good publicity for the town – in fact, I wish success to all our sports teams for the same reason; most of all that the borough councillors actually remember, as I’ve said before, that they’re there to represent us, the electorate, and not themselves or their party.

Happy New Year everyone!


What’s your view? What are your hopes for Boston in 2013? Post your comments below or email