OBSERVER: No more ‘dodgems’ in the Market Place

So at last we are to see an ‘improvement’ to the Market Place ‘refurbishment’: planters and bollards to increase pedestrian safety. But before we get too excited there’s yet another sting in the tail – they are only proposals, although I can’t really see any objections to the suggestion.

Ever since the revamp was finished there have been letters – and quite a few comments from someone else – within these pages concerning how dangerous the layout now is. The only comments publically from Boston Borough Council have been to tell us how ‘wonderful’ it is.

This is the organisation supposed to represent us, the ratepayers. These are the people supposed to speak up on our behalf – at least that is why I assumed we vote them in to power.

The vast emptiness of the Market Place for most of the week certainly doesn’t give any impression of a lively town. No matter what West Street says, most people I speak to believe the market is nothing like it used to be and despite protestations to the contrary there are definitely fewer stalls than there used to be.

It was interesting to see that the new layout proposed would also ‘allow for more street activities to take place’.

In recent weeks there have been carnivals and festivals held in Grantham, Skegness and even Woodhall Spa! Anything been going on round here?

At least we may now see an end to the regular ‘dodgems’ events which have taken place – and perhaps consideration might be given to allowing a few more car parking spaces: it would bring in a bit more money in these difficult times.


The council has confirmed the following: “The borough council is part of the team with Lincolnshire County Council which has helped design the proposed new layout, which keeps the open aspect and takes account of concerns over traffic movements. The council has also assisted with consultation.”