OBSERVER: Spotight on CQC and the railways


Some years ago the Care Quality Commission decided in its wisdom, only a few weeks before student nurses were to take their exams, that Pilgrim Hospital wasn’t giving the correct training and shut down the training school.

Then a few months later it decided that things weren’t as bad as it thought.

By then, of course, the students had gone elsewhere but Pilgrim had come under the spotlight for the wrong 

I see the same organisation has now decided two surgeries in the area are at ‘highest concern’ based on an Ofsted-type system.

This comes after the CQC highlighted ‘risks’ at the surgeries.

Parkside’s manager has rightly pointed out that this type of statistic can be ‘manipulated’ specifying in part that the practice has a particular type of patient registered at the practice.

l The news this week that the East Coast main line is to be privatised once again was to be expected.

After all, we can’t have a government-backed service – as East Coast Trains has been for the past few years – making a profit, can we?

It seems a backward step that a service which, apparently, has been getting good reports and praise from passengers was not allowed to tender for the next franchise.

And is there really anything in it for Lincolnshire?

True, Lincoln has been promised extra services but a similar promise was made a few years ago and as far as I can see only one service 
to London a day was 

Thanks to Dr Beeching this area in particular was absolutely devastated when almost all its services were withdrawn.

I can remember how busy Boston station used to be in the past: and if we had kept those services isn’t it the case that by now we could have had a really thriving economy – and perhaps even a bypass?