OBSERVER: Survey says...well, what does it actually say about Boston Borough Council?


Surveys of opinions can be very useful: the people instigating them, however, can ‘slant’ the results to give them the results they want.

And I’m sorry if I upset West Street again – unintentionally – when I say they have certainly ‘slanted’ their take on the results.

At least they published the results this time, as there have been a number of occasions in the past where differing surveys have been carried out but no results apparently available.

However, in view of the numerous letters to the press over the past year, it does seem a little surprising that the number of people satisfied with the area as a place to live has shot up from 21 per cent last year to 58 per cent now; it appears it was only the other 42 per cent who complained.

It is some of the results which are not mentioned which seem more interesting: Boston Market Place, the butt of most complaints this year, apparently satisfies 56 per cent of the population! And while the number satisfied with parks and open spaces has gone up, the number dissatisfied has also gone up to 26 per cent.

While the percentage of people satisfied with the way the borough runs things has gone up, so has the number dissatisfied; and yes, the percentage agreeing they provide value for money has gone up to 29 per cent, but those not happy has gone up to 41 per cent, both figures increasing from last year.

And while we’re picking the figures we want publishing, how about the number of people dissatisfied with their visit to the council offices? This was up from 8 per cent to a staggering 51 per cent; the number happy with their visit went down from 64 per cent to 20 per cent!

But what I would dearly loved to have seen is just how many actually took the trouble to reply to the survey? And next time could it be published in the local press, so everyone is aware of it?