OBSERVER: Time to be proud of our town


The events of last Thursday will last in the minds of Bostonians for many years to come – especially those who suffered damage to their homes and the inconvenience of being evacuated.

But the one thing to be proud of is the way people coped with the upheaval and the fact that so many seemed prepared to help their neighbours; too often in the past Bostonians have been accused of not being bothered or helpful.

The emergency services (from all over the country I understand) were superb and thanks must be given to them for their speedy response to what could have been a whole lot worse.

For once, the weather forecasters were absolutely spot on and the flood wardens showed their system works. And for those of us who decided to join Floodline, their texts and messages were succinct and to the point.

I must give a special word of praise to Radio Lincolnshire and Endeavour. From teatime to just after 10pm I was listening to Radio Lincolnshire in the main and their covering of the events were absolutely up to date; on many occasions they were giving us news before the official announcements. Both stations showed just what local radio is about and should be congratulated for their efforts.

And isn’t Boston lucky to have Coun Paul Kenny as Mayor? He may not be a ‘local’ but he sure does love the town, as he was quick to mention on almost every occasion. At one stage he seemed to be in one place or another nearly every 20 minutes or so and was continually giving his support to those who were having problems.

He gave every indication of being what Mayors were like ‘in the old days’, before local government was politicised; he knew people, he was prepared to listen, he was prepared to help. He was at the forefront as far as the borough council was concerned. He sounds interested in the town and I know he is very popular at the functions he attends.

I have no doubt other councillors were helping in some way or other but on this occasion the figurehead certainly led from the front.