OBSERVER: Time to reflect on the past 12 months


So my comments for 2013 move into the file marked ‘memories of the past’ to be delved into in the future to see if any of the prophecies and promises made locally actually come to fruition.

There were certainly a lot of good comments made during the year: an early letter from Joe Nash regarding rates struck a chord with many. “We pay for the council to organise the town to make life easier for us and do things that will enhance our town so that it flourishes. All I see is that they make life more difficult for us and drive away visitors.” Nothing seems to have changed!

The Market Place reared its head a number of times. We’ve had amendments, improvements and alterations: it’s still a mess. Cars seem to park at random as enforcement officers can’t be here all the time and the planters in the middle now mark a convenient place to park in line.

We, the public, are told it’s our fault the council is losing money on parking. The fact the Market Place was shut for a year, leading to shoppers going elsewhere, fewer places available after the revamp and shoppers finding cheaper and free car parking elsewhere apparently had nothing to do with it!

Despite all protestations to the contrary, I and many others still believe there are not as many stalls as in the past and no one has, as yet, come up with the figures to prove otherwise.

And although UKIP managed to win several county council seats – then falling out among themselves! – nothing seems to have changed as far as the town is concerned. It won’t while there is still a dominant party at Lincoln.

This was the year we were promised the PRSA saga would come to an end, but not before another £88,000 was ‘donated’ and the council picked up the bill for £200,000 for repairs.

Plans for a new development for Boston United led to cries of ‘foul’ from the area it is planned for, despite the possibility of more jobs and new shops.

Finally – I did manage to prove that 280 staff and 32 councillors apparently didn’t have a sense of humour!

Happy New Year to everyone – including the latter.