OBSERVER: Will lights switch on still be a big turn off? Hopefully not!

IN SEVERAL letters over the past year or so I’ve been critical of the road works done to improve the traffic flow in Boston. Well, I have to admit I’ve been impressed with the flow from London Road into town.

But could we now perhaps ask the county council to consider doing the same with the approach roads into Boston via Spilsby Road and Sleaford Road?

I’m told that many residents living at the Wainfleet Road end of Spilsby Road (on the pub side) often find it easier to go down to the roundabout near the hospital to travel back into Boston as they are unable to turn right from their homes because of the traffic.

And after being up north on business recently I found I did the journey back to Boston in about an hour and a half and then started queuing about 100 yards down Sleaford Road and taking about half an hour to do the final mile!

I read with interest the news that the borough council is to spend £35,000 (including a £10,000 donation from BID) on the Christmas lights this year.

For that money I would imagine them to be extra-special, colourful and something worth visiting the town to see. So I visited the council website to see if there were any further details.

Apparently they are to be ‘new, state-of-the-art’ lights, which signifies to me something along the lines of what we might expect to see in some of our bigger cities, although on a much smaller scale. But no, they are to be ‘bright, white LED lights’ which doesn’t imply much variety in colours!

Then we get the news that the lights will cover ‘all the areas that the former lights covered’.

If this is correct, no doubt those businesses in the Market Place, currently suffering because of the ‘regeneration’ works, will be so pleased to see the lights surrounding – nothing!

Sorry, but I don’t think the lights will be a very big draw for visitors (most of whom will probably be aware of the current works and avoid Boston like the plague, as they are apparently doing at the moment); as for the other attractions, yes, a big improvement on what’s been presented in the past so let’s hope I’m wrong.