Olympics showed world what we can achieve

I MENTIONED the Olympics last week and make no apology for returning again this week.

After the fortnight we’ve just witnessed, can anyone – hand on heart – really say we shouldn’t have spent all that money?

From start to finish, the country has shown the rest of the world what we are capable of doing; the icing on the cake surely has to be the highly complimentary endorsement from the President of the Olympic Committee that London has shown the rest of the world the way to organise the Games.

It is to be hoped that the primary schools will get the money promised by Mr Cameron to make sure sport at the lowest level becomes competitive again; so many athletes have been saying that they wouldn’t have performed so well without the help they got from Lottery money and government funding.

If the help can start earlier, so much the better.

The general enthusiasm for the Games seem to have percolated throughout the country.

Even the weather played ball for the most part and it was pleasing to see so many people supporting all the events – mostly with smiles on their faces.

Almost everyone seemed to be taken up with the success of Team GB, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the country will benefit for years to come.

Television pictures seen throughout the world will have shown the country in its best light, and tourism chiefs must be rubbing their hands with glee – goodness knows how much they would have had to pay for the publicity they got for nothing!

And the BBC seems to have got everything right.

All the presenters were clued up on their sport, the coverage was superb and even the most obscure of sports got a look in.

I just wonder how the Sports Personality of the Year awards will be sorted!

It was nice to see so many people enjoying the Central Park this week.

They were obviously taking full advantage of the weather and children were putting the park to use rather than sat inside playing computer games.

Perhaps the Olympics were giving them the encouragement they need to get out and play sport – long may it continue.