Why are we so far off track?

NEWS that the fuel regulator due in a few weeks’ time may lead to local bus companies having to rethink whether or not they continue with some services must put fear into the minds of many people living in villages in the more rural parts of Lincolnshire who depend on buses to get into town.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I wonder if Dr Beeching really had any idea of what he was doing as far as our county was concerned?

There was a fantastic train service before he came along but now we are left with what? Absolutely nothing really as far as we are concerned in this area. We have a choice of going to Skegness or Grantham and even have to change if we decide on a trip to Lincoln.

How many times have we heard on local radio that trains have been cancelled and buses put on as replacements? And in an area like this where, thanks to the gentleman named above, we are dominated by lorries taking produce down to London and elsewhere, we find ourselves labouring behind a stream of traffic.

Obviously he thought we had decent roads in this area – didn’t he? – and there would be little effect of doing away with our trains and putting the transport they carried on to our roads. Now if at the same time it had been decided that the roads needed upgrading to take account of the increased volume, fair enough. But that didn’t happen.

Pre-Beeching trains gave good service in all parts of Lincolnshire, most villages having their own little station or halt, and it was all thrown away.

People living outside the area assume we have a proper train service. A friend visiting us recently asked if he could get an early morning train to London for a mid-morning business meeting and would not believe me when I said I doubted he would arrive in time if he travelled from Boston. I ended up taking him to Spalding for a train from there to connect at Peterborough – he was quite happy, getting to London on time and considerably cheaper than if he had in fact gone from here.

Just why is it Lincolnshire as a whole is treated so unfairly in every way?