Why is Boston always the odd one out?

I HAVE a list and a question for you this week. The list: Market Deeping, Grantham, Boston, Spalding, Lincoln, Crowland, Louth, Partney, Burgh le Marsh. The question: Which is the odd one out?

Answer: Yes, I’m afraid it’s the old ‘B’ subject again – Boston’s the only one without a bypass.

Why do I bring it up? Well, while surfing the internet this week I came across a story that Lincolnshire County Council have agreed (at an emergency meeting no less!) to underwrite £34m for the eastern bypass for Lincoln, despite all the cuts and job losses to save money.

The decision was taken apparently when the government notified them that if they came up with the money pretty quick then the bypass might move up the list a bit.

But the better story I think is that plans have been put forward for a second bypass for Spalding – on the grounds that it will prevent traffic queuing at railway crossings!

Looking back a few years I remember Partney and Burgh le Marsh were given bypasses ‘to speed the traffic to Skegness’.

Well, unless things have changed in the last week or so, I think traffic to Skegness still goes through Boston and the last time I looked we had traffic queuing at our railway crossings too. But we still don’t qualify for a bypass, despite seeming to match the criteria which won one for other towns and villages, and some are in line for a second bypass!

Never mind we can console ourselves with the news that the Market Place refurbishment of the refurbishment from a few years ago is underway. (I understand, by the way, that the rumour that a pot jar dug up contained a mediaeval map of Boston with a proposed bypass on it is not true).

At least businesses in the area are to get a welcome rebate on the business rates they pay; the only thing is will there be any customers when the work is finished?

It appears from the apparent lack of business in some of the shops in the area last Wednesday that some people have already decided to go elsewhere; once gone, will they ever come back?