Council staff face terms and conditions cut to save £1.1 million

Boston Borough Council
Boston Borough Council

All 301 Boston Borough Council staff have been asked to take a cut to their contract terms and conditions to save the authority £1.1 million.

The authority says the cuts will stop the need for large-scale redundancies in a ‘continued challenging economic situation’ but warned they may force people onto the new terms if they do not take them.

Council leader Peter Bedford said: “Since formal consultation began in November 2013, UNISON locally has actively participated in discussions to mitigate the impact of the changes on our staff.

“Unfortunately, despite this the national position of both UNISON and the GMB unions prevent collective agreement, hence why we are asking staff to individually agree changes. The changes are key to the future survival of the council.”

A spokesman said that while the council hopes the new deal will be voluntarily accepted by all staff, it intends to issue notices of dismissal with the offer of re-engagement on the new terms and conditions for those who do not voluntarily accept.

The spokesman added: “However, the council hopes that this action will not be necessary and council staff will understand the challenging economic position of the council and the concessions made during the consultation to protect both jobs and basic pay.”

Union bosses will consult with staff on their reaction to the proposal and say they will support them if they wish to take industrial action.

GMB Regional organiser David Shamma said: “The council keeps saying this is a consultation and negotiation. It’s not.

“They’re simply presenting people with a worse set of terms and conditions and saying ‘take it or leave it and if you won’t take it we will impose it’.”

Mr Shamma said the new terms are worse than offered by other authorities and go against a nationally agreed ‘green book’ of conditions.