Councillor’s plan to hold weddings at his home is turned down

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PROPOSALS for a Boston borough councillor to host weddings in his back garden have been branded as potentially ‘horrendous’ by detractors on the council’s planning board.

Coun Raymond Singleton-McGuire (above) requested permission to use land at the back of his large Spilsby Road home for civil marriage ceremonies, claiming he could accommodate up to 120 guests at the venue up to six times a year.

However, concerns were raised about the change to a commercial venture by the authority’s planning board on Tuesday, with Coun Brian Rush slamming the mere idea as ‘an absolute disgrace’.

He added: “People live around there. We are talking about weddings that have music at night six times a year. How can we enforce that. We’re making a rod for our own backs.”

Coun Derek Richmond branded the plan as ‘potentially horrendous’.

Several people, including local residents, also raised concern over the amount of traffic and parking. Coun Singleton-McGuire suggested that 17 cars could park at his home, and other guests could park in town and walk up, but this was seen to be a poor solution to the issue.

The plan was refused five to four.