Fears for families as rents sent to rocket

Families in Boston could be forced to share homes and pack into small properties if rents carry on rising, according to experts.

The National Housing Federation predicts that the average private rent in Boston will rise by £255 by 2020 to £733.

That will pile an extra £3,315 onto the annual bill, making yearly rent £9,531 on average.

Boston Citizen Advice Bureau’s advice services manager Yvonne Robinson said the worrying figures could lead to serious overcrowding issues.

She feels families may be forced to downsize to one-bedroom homes, converting living rooms into sleeping space, and fears some may be forced to share a house, similar to the way many migrant workers do in houses of multiple occupancy.

She told The Standard: “Everything is coming together at once – welfare reforms, the recession – it’s all coming together and is going to mean people’s standard of living will drop.

“Overcrowding is going to be inevitable if rents continue to rise. If housing is unaffordable then people will have to share. People may only be able to afford a room.

“It’s a very, very worrying time. It’s going to be bad for people.”

Only North and South Kesteven have higher average rents than Boston in Lincolnshire.

In October we revealed Boston was the second least affordable place in the region for rent – with the cost taking up about 36 per cent of earnings.