Government insists funding will not prejudice Quadrant decision


The Government has said that pledging £4.75 million of funding to the Quadrant will not prejudice any decision it may make on the development’s planning application.

If Boston Borough Council is ‘minded to approve’ the Quadrant the Government will then need to decide whether it is happy for the council to decide or if it wishes to intervene.

Campaigners say that, given the Government could play a key role in passing the plans, the announcement of funding ‘stinks’.

A spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government assured The Standard that any decision it makes on the plans will not be affected.

The spokesman said that although it will be the same department dealing with the application - the matter would go to qualified planners who would not take anything other than planning considerations into account.

The spokesman said: “They will have no idea who funds it and no idea who is behind it.”