LETTER: We agree with the inspector - the Market Place is ‘dangerous and confusing’

Boston Labour councillors wish to praise the police inspector who has said recently that the changes in Boston’s Market Place have made the area dangerous and confusing.

We have been asking searching questions and talking about this for well over 18 months. We have been fobbed off with all the assurances that everything was rosy. We now know that the police are as concerned as we are. In addition, we know the people of Boston share our concerns about the chaotic parking arrangements and unsafe areas we have in the Market Place.

We wish to endorse the Boston Disability Forum who are asking Boston Borough Council to consider withholding the payment of £440,000, which is their contribution to pay the county council towards the Market Place regeneration. We asked for this at the last meeting of the corporate and community overview and scrutiny meeting held on September 6. We urged the council not to pay these funds as the work is clearly not yet finished. The Tory councillors chose to ignore us.
We agree with Boston Disability Forum that some remedial work still needs to be done to make the space usable by the disabled and elderly community. It is currently ‘form over function’. Users are already reporting trips and falls. Those with visual impairments are struggling to find their way around the space due to lack of contrast. Inclines are tipping wheelchair users who are trying to be independent, out of their chairs.

Unfortunately, Conservative councillors at Lincolnshire County Council and Boston Borough Council seem not to take this issue very seriously. So Boston Labour councillors are calling for immediate action. Let’s get rid of the danger and chaos and have a Market Place that we can be proud of.

Boston Labour Councillors