MP says we should have a say on Britain’s role in Europe...but not now

PEOPLE should be allowed a say on Britain’s future in Europe according to MP Mark Simmonds, but not yet.

Mr Simmonds outlined his personal view on the subject at Friday’s meeting of the Boston Borough Council task and finish group on the social impact of population change and said he did not think the arrangement the public voted on in 1975 is ‘what we ended up with’.

The Conservative member for Boston and Skegness said: “My personal view is that I believe the British people do need to be given a say.

“I don’t believe they have had a say on the level of migration and I don’t believe they have had a say on the transfer of powers.

“There’s very limited democratic accountability with the EU.”

Campaigner Dean Everitt asked why Mr Simmonds therefore voted against a referendum when it was proposed in Parliament last October.

Mr Simmonds said the proposal was for a ‘three-way’ question that could have allowed more powers to be handed over to the EU with just 34 per cent of the vote achieved.

He added: “I almost can’t think of anything that would be more irresponsible than an in/out referendum at the moment when we are in a perilous economic situation.”

The news comes following a high profile newspaper poll for The Times claiming 80 per cent of the population want a say on Britain’s role in Europe.

The story featured on the paper’s front page and the front of the Daily Express the following day.

During the council inquiry Mr Simmonds also said there was ‘no question’ of UK money being spent on bailing out the Euro, that Turkish nationals would not be freely allowed in the country if they join the EU and backed Britain’s spending on overseas aid.

He added: “I personally don’t have a problem with 1.1 per cent of the taxes I pay going to help some of the poorest people in the world.

“British development money vaccinates one child every two seconds and saves one life every two minutes. I am quite happy with that.”