OBSERVER: Recycling site is a gem... Market Place is not

I’VE been speaking with a colleague about the fact we appear to be getting very little for our money as far as the council tax is concerned.

It would be unfair to say we only appear to be paying for salaries and allowances! I know some people think that, but to be fair we do have a reasonably good recycling and waste collection service, and the recycling centre at Slippery Gowt is something the town can be proud of.

Councils have very little money available to spend now, so have to charge for things which under the normal run of things would probably have been provided free.

In that case, said my colleague, why are they turning money away now the Market Place work has been finished?

I’d never thought about it before but he pointed out that before the work was done there were three rows of stalls on the Stump side of the Market Place, now there are only two. And on the opposite side the stalls don’t go as far down towards South Street as they did.

So, coupled with the money the council had to ‘contribute’ towards the work, they now have less money coming in from rents! And on Wednesday he said he had counted at least four empty stalls.

From being a market where sometimes stallholders turned up hoping for a vacancy, it now seems we have vacant stalls with no one waiting to fill them.

Sounds like a good bit of business the county and borough councils have left us with.

l I DON’T understand the complaints coming from head teachers regarding the GCSE results announced last week.

Apparently they are upset that the exam board ‘changed the rules’ at the last moment and marked the papers more rigorously so that many pupils didn’t get the grades they were expecting.

Heads were also critical that in English exams the paper markers were deducting marks for wrong spellings! Isn’t that the idea?

In my own days of exam-taking, in my English exam I had to spell words as they should be and had to put commas, full stops etc in the correct places!

I thought that was what exams were about.