OBSERVER: Supermarket closure is one of many bad signs for us

WHERE to start this week? Well, I could comment on the fact that yet another store is being lost in Boston.

Somerfield on London Road has decided to leave the town, so there’s now yet one more option for all these companies to consider before coming here.

Although to be fair the comment from the council about all the ‘major’ stores ‘queuing up’ to come here was made before the recession actually started to bite.

I have no doubts that Somerfield thought long and hard before making its decision; a bit surprising though, when you consider all the new housing down Wyberton Low Road and the flats at the old Johnson site on London Road, it’s obvious people there prefer to use other supermarkets rather than the one on their doorstep.

The internet has a lot to answer for shopping-wise; more and more people seem to prefer to do their shopping like that, but some have told me they don’t always get what they think they’ve bought.

Another comment: Walking through the Market Place last Thursday I thought how lifeless the place seems to have become.

True, the craft market was in full flow but there didn’t appear to be many people looking round and a quick look at the stalls seemed to indicate a lack of real ‘craft’ items.

Many cars were still parked illegally although the flower tubs near the Five Lamps seem to have been put back in their place.

Some idiot had moved them one day, apparently to make it easier for him to drive his car through, but as no one is – yet – there to sort things out nothing was done.

The Market Place should be the life of a town.

Ours isn’t and won’t ever be until something is done to encourage people to come here more regularly.

Free parking is offered in other towns not far away and appears to have worked well; a rethink about letting cars start parking here again would go a long way to changing the fortunes of Boston.

Over and out to our ‘leaders’!