Prime Minister offered flood sympathy to Boston

Mark Simmonds
Mark Simmonds

Boston’s MP says David Cameron has sent his sympathy to victims of this month’s flood.

Mr Simmonds says he spoke to the Prime Minister after the events of December 5 and he asked for his ‘sympathy and support be sent to all those who suffered in Boston’.

He said the flood was ‘truly devastating’ and that the week was one of the most difficult he has faced as an MP.

He added: “The Environment Agency has acted quickly to fix damaged flood defences, volunteers have been helping clear debris and other water damage, Asda staff have been delivering food parcels, Tesco have supplied Boston Food Bank and Red Cross volunteers have been delivering Aid packages.

“I am incredibly proud of the way the Boston community has pulled together to offer support and assistance to those affected.”

Mr Simmonds added: “The events of the last few days have clearly demonstrated the need for the Boston Barrier to be built.

“Boston urgently needs sufficient protection from the risk of flooding so that we can ensure this never happens again.”

He said anyone in need of advice and support after the flood is welcome to contact his office on 02072196254.