‘Quadrant decision made for purely planning reasons’

Quadrant, commercial units
Quadrant, commercial units

The chairman of the committee which tonight gave the thumbs up to the Quadrant development says its decision came down purely to planning considerations.

Coun Mary Wright said she recognised that not everyone will be happy with the way the committee voted this evening.

She said: “I recognise that this decision of the planning committee will not please everyone, and passions and emotions around this project are running high.

“So I want to emphasise that this decision has been made on the basis of material planning considerations only.

“There are the only grounds on which a planning authority can approve any application.

“Planning committee members have taken a great deal of time to properly consider the detailed report and all members have been aware of all sides and all aspects.

“However, we have made this decision strictly in accordance with material planning considerations.

“The Secretary of State will now consider whether to have the final word and determine this application himself or allow the committee’s decision to go forward.”

The plans were approved 10-2 at a meeting at Haven High Academy this evening.